Feature Descriptions

Below is a break down and description of each feature shown on the product comparison chart.  If you need a solution that involves more than 5 users please reach out to us so we can provide you with an Enterprise level quote.  We also offer discounts for multi-year licensing terms and can put together custom quotes for you and your team by choosing only the features you need for your Stormwater compliance or stormwater inspection program.

Unlimited number of Assets - In both StormwaterInspect and MS4web we consider an asset to be either a Construction Site, Outfall, Post-Construction BMP, Facility or Illicit Discharge Investigation or Citizen Report.

Unlimited number of Inspections - the ability to conduct an unlimited number of inspections, screenings or investigations.

Unlimited CUSTOM Inspection Forms - The ability to create an unlimited number of your own stormwater inspection forms.  You the end user have the ability to create forms.  All inspection forms can be saved as PDFs and emailed out to the appropriate party at the conclusion of any inspection.

Calendar - See all of your upcoming stormwater inspections and follow-up inspections.  Keep track of all of the due dates throughout your stormwater management program.

GIS Map Service URL - the ability to paste your map service URL into the settings and see your live network layers inside of StormwaterInspect or MS4web.

Customization of Asset Records - the ability to add additional fields to any of your asset records in order to track additional information that may be specific to your Stormwater Management Program.

Data Export - Export all of your data and inspections in Excel format.

Quick Access - File / Photo Gallery - Access to anything that has been attached in the system, i.e. photos, files, video, etc.

Best Management Practice Activity Tracker - The ability to track and report compliance activity on any best management practice that is a part of your Stormwater Management Program.

Reports - Various PDF reports; Construction Site Summary Report, Outfall Summary Report, Asset Compliance Report, Contractor Report, BMP Activity Summary Report, Inspection Summary Report